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Car Rental Milos

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Hyundai I20

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Rental Cars Milos Greece

The volcanic island of Milos is located in the Aegean Sea, on the southwest edge of the Cyclades. It is a petal shaped, forming a great bay and is one of the largest and safest natural harbors in Greece. The largest islands nearby are Kimolos, Antimilos and Polyaigos.

In the center of Milos is the main port of Milos, Adamas or Adamantas, from which the island connects with Piraeus, the other Cycladic islands, the Dodecanese and Crete, while the harbor in Polonia or Apollonia serves routes to Kimolos and Glaronisia.

Milos is connected by air with mainland Greece and Milos National Airport with airports abroad.

Transportation to the island is served by bus from Milos Bus Station to Adamas, however, for a more comfortable and fast journey, a rental car from Imperial Car Rental will be very useful.

Milos is inhabited since Prehistoric times, in the Mesolithic Age, 8000 BC. whereas during the Neolithic era there were facilities for extraction and treatment of obsidian.

The island experienced great prosperity during the Mycenaean era, with the main settlement of Phylakopi in 2300 BC. It was later inhabited by Dorians, later allied with the Macedonians, conquered by the Romans, joined the Byzantine Empire, occupied by the Franks, the Venetians and the Turks. In 1830, along with all the Cyclades, it was liberated and included in the Greek state.

With the rental car from Imperial Car Rental, explore the most exotic island of the Aegean with its spectacular landscapes and different rock types.

A special feature of Milos is the presence of active terrestrial and undersea fumes from which hot gases escape from the interior of the Earth and hot springs in Agia Kyriaki, Paleochori, Fyromenes and Adamas.

The western half of the island is its most ferocious and charming piece, with few settlements and old mines. The southwest side of Milos is a habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal. In the center of the island is Achivadolimni, the largest natural wetland of the Cyclades, as well as the cypress-tree forest, a rare habitat of ancient trees.

Thanks to the Imperial Car Rental you will find the picturesque settlements of the island, such as Adamantas in the harbor, the capital Plaka with the ruins of the ancient castle, Ebourios, Zephyria, Klima, Trypiti, Pera Triovasalos and Triovasalos. unique Fyropotamos, Mandrakia, Pachina, Phylakopi, Pollonia or Apollonia with the beautiful Pollonia marina.

Visit important sites such as the prehistoric settlement of Fylakopi, where the remarkable findings were excavated, the ancient town of Milos built on the slope between Tripiti and Klima, with the ancient theater and ruins of the walls and important buildings, the catacombs of Milos, the large community cemetery of the first Christian wars, the only ones that survive in Greece, the wires, the shelters of small boats by the sea, dug in the volcanic rafts, mainly in the settlements Klima, Mandrakia and Fyropotamos, the old

With the car from Imperial Car Rental, visit the stunning beaches of Milos, in landscapes of exceptional natural beauty and impressive geological riches, each of them different from each other, but all magical, such as the beaches Sykia, Triades, Vanni, Empurios , Rivari, Fatourena, Achivadolimni, Papikinou, Plathiena, Fyropotamos, Mandrakia, Sarakiniko, Alogomandra, Pahina, Papafragas, Pollonia, Voudia, Kolimbision, Salieri, Paleochori, Agia Kyriaki, Kalamos, Tsigrados, Fyriplakas, Provatas, Katergos,

The magic of Milos is not described in words. Explore the colorful island with the comfort of travel provided by the Imperial Car Rental car rental and discover the unforgettable beauties of the most fascinating island of Greece!

Areas: Adamas Adamantas, Milos Center, Pollonia Center, Milos Bus Station, Milos Port, Agia Kiriaki, Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Airport, Pollonia Marina.
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